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    Foundrae Jewelry

    NEW YORK - Cofounded by husband and wife Murat and Beth Bugdaycay in 2015, Foundrae is a collection of modern heirlooms that inspire their wearers to tell their stories and own their truths. Founded on mythological and classic symbols, each Foundrae piece evokes wisdom and energy for wearers to channel toward growth, self-discovery, and reflection.

    Foundrae Oversized Reverie Medallion Charm ONLY
    Foundrae Oversized Spade Reverie Charm ONLY
    Diamond Classic Symbol Triptych Bracelet
    Foundrae Resilience and Reverie Charm Necklace
    Foundrae Mini Spade Crest Charm ONLY


    Mini Spade Crest Charm ONLY


    Foundrae Reverie Mini Crest Charm ONLY
    Foundrae Radiating Spade Charm ONLY


    Radiating Spade Charm ONLY


    Medium Reverie Charm Medallion ONLY
    Leo Astrology Signet Ring


    Leo Astrology Signet Ring


    Reverie Mini Crest Pendant Necklace
    Large Strength Charm Medallion ONLY
    White Enamel Wholeness Cigar Band
    Black Enamel Resilience Cigar Band
    Carnelian Orb Charm ONLY


    Carnelian Orb Charm ONLY


    Mind, Body, and Soul Badge Medallion ONLY
    Small Mixed Clip Chain Bracelet
    Small Removable Drop Annex Link ONLY
    Baby Protection Medallion Pendant ONLY
    Baby Spark Medallion Pendant ONLY
    Large Lapis Air Charm Pendant ONLY
    Lapis Orb Charm ONLY


    Lapis Orb Charm ONLY


    Classic Oval Push Gate Annex Link ONLY
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    Each piece is crafted from the highest quality materials and is evocative of a tenet the wearer identifies with. Tenets and symbols are curated from a wide cross-section of history, honoring a myriad of eras, cultures, and belief systems. Pick from crests, love tokens, chain bracelets, and one-of-a-kind charms!

    Find selections of symbols representing classical mythology, astrological keys, internal direction, and more when you browse our collection of Foundrae jewelry. For Foundrae bracelets and necklaces, choose from a large selection of chains and charms to find a tenet combination that speaks to you.

    Foundrae jewelry is made using a combination of rare stones and gold to give a lustrous weight to each piece. All Foundrae pieces are made with 18K gold, giving them the depth of yellow color you expect from a precious metal, but the durability needed for daily wear. Foundrae favors smaller diamonds that lend to a design rather than dominate it, and for those with a less traditional taste in stone, onyx, lapis lazuli, and quartz often make appearances in their designs.

    Foundrae Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings & More

    Known for beautiful and meaningful charms and medallions, Foundrae pieces are usually assembled from a combination of smaller pieces and chains. Choosing your personalized combination helps to make the pieces specific to you and allows you to better construct a set of tenets that align with your energy and guide your journey through life.

    Foundrae is also well known for its rings and earrings. Complete your personal kit with a signet ring or symbolic earring with additional tenets for an even more personalized style.

    Find your perfect set by browsing our Foundrae jewelry collection. We carry a variety of pieces to compliment your personality and story:

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